Custom Castings

Non-Ferrous Capabilities

Victaulic has the latest state-of-the art equipment and design expertise to make your next project a success.

Core Making
• Shalco shell core machines, semi-automatic shell core machines, C02 and no bake cores

• Electric induction furnaces with capabilities from 300 - 3000 lbs./136 - 1360 kg.

• Robert Sinto FBO III automatic precision molding machine with a mold size of 20-in. x 24-in./508 x 610 mm.
• Hunter automatic molding machines with a mould size of 14-in. x 19-in./356 x 483 mm
• Hunter automatic molding machines with a mould size of 18-in. x 20-in./457 x 508 mm
• Jolt squeeze molding machines for lower volume matchplate production
• Rotalift roll over machines for large matchplates
• No-bake floor molding for castings up to 3000 lbs./1360 kg.

• Horizontal machining centers,CAT 50, 500 mm pallets, 4 axis machines
• Horizontal machining centers,CAT 40, 18 x 18-in./457 x 457 mm pallets, 4 axis machines
• Twin spindle turning centers, 6 axis barfeed/chucker c/w live tooling, 2 axis chucker
• Vertical machining centers, 3 axis machine, 24 tool carousel, 40 x 24 in./1016 x 610 mm and 24 x 27-in./610 x 686 mm pallets, 4 axis machine
• CNC lathes, 2 axis chuckers with 8-in./203mm chucks, 2 axis barfeed
• CNC lathes, 2 axis chuckers with 12-in./305 mm and 18-in./457 mm chucks, 2 axis barfeed
• EDM machine

• Wide variety of cutting and grinding equipment along with Wheelabrator shot blast machines provide the most cost effective equipment for each job
• Trimming dies made in-house provide a more efficient finishing operation without the variability that comes from hand grinding used on high volume jobs

• Casting process is optimized by performing computer simulations of the proposed rigging method using Pro/ENGINEER® to create the solid geometry of customers' parts and importing the resulting stereolithography files into MAGMASOFT® Solidification Simulation Software
• Potential casting defects can be identified and corrected before any molds are made or metal poured
• Changes can be evaluated to improve yield and produce superior quality castings in a timely, cost-effective manner
Drawing Submissions for Quote
• Capable of reading virtually any electronic drawing format with .IGS or .STP preferred formats for 3D drawings

Metallurgical Consistency
• Baird-Atomic spectographs

Physical Property Analysis
• Extensiometer and tensile testing

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