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AFS Casting Competition Award

Victaulic received an honorable mention in the 2013 AFS casting competition for it's design and casting of the T20 clamp. 


Summary of Features/Benefits 

The original T20 Clamp design was comprised of 3 components – Male Clamp, Female Clamp and Wedge that was over 5 lbs./2.3 kg. total weight. Furthermore, the part design had tolerances and draft not feasible for a sand cast process combined with features built-in that did not allow the Clamp to function as needed for the forming wall application to work properly.  After multiple technological reviews Victaulic Engineering was able to optimize the design via a sand cast process and provide a product that functioned as needed. It was critical that each part be designed individually, yet operates coherently in a way that allowed all three components to work in unison for proper functionality. The newly designed three-component Clamp reduced the overall weight to 3.5 lbs./1.6 kg,, decreased the cost of the assembly by 25+% and strengthened the device by converting the Male and Female component to A897 austempered ductile iron grade 2, 150-110-07. Most importantly, the enhanced cast option allowed the opportunity to redefine clamp technology and move forward with a solution that helps contractors do their jobs faster, easier, safer and more cost effectively.   

The final Clamp assembly consists of the three cast components held together by a spring pin that keeps the unit fully assembled without having to worry about detachment or re-assembly. The unit is very durable due to the austemper properties and also aesthetically pleasing after being finished in a clear dichromate coating for appearance and corrosion benefits. 

The Clamp was approved and production began in mid-2012 and has been a “hit” in the concrete construction industry. 



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